How to Grow Kale in Hydroponics?

Kale has been the healthiest green of choice with all the nutrients and vitamins. This richly flavored green steals the spotlight in food marts and fancy kitchens. But we totally recommend growing kale for those who look forward to trying hydroponic farming at home or commercially. It would make for a great crop to start … Read more

How to maintain pH in Hydroponics?

Precision is the buzzword for hydroponics farming. The plants’ health in a growing system depends on factors such as humidity, EC, pH, crop selection, and design. All these parameters have a range in which they have to be kept to derive optimal results from the plants.  In fact, if you take hydroponics farming training in … Read more

How To Keep Your Farm Hygienic and Clean?

Hydroponics Farming is literally Booming! Hydroponics in India started taking its baby steps in 2010 and now in every state we can spot so many polyhouse structures dedicated to soil-less farming.It has shown impressive results in all these years and now hydroponics is finding favors of Farmers, Entrepreneurs and Government alike.But as we all know … Read more