Why are the number of farms in the US decreasing?

It’s been a busy few weeks for industry news, thanks to new official data. Agriculture Dive reports that “The U.S. had 1.9 million farms and ranches in 2022, a 6.9% decline from 2017, according to data from the Department of Agriculture’s census report released Tuesday.” Why is this happening? A number of reasons. The average … Read more

Our 40th Anniversary – AmHydro

This 40 year anniversary comes at a critical time for the industry. The age of free money for agritech moonshots is over, but a desperate need for innovation continues. We’re committed to continuing to lead on innovations that will stick. In less than two weeks at Indoor AgCon, our VP, Joe Swartz, will help convene … Read more

Joe Swartz: My itinerary for Indoor AgCon 2024

Last week, I shared my opinion that this year’s Indoor AgCon sees our industry at a potential turning point. Will we learn from the successes and mistakes of the past? I believe that success leaves clues, and many of the people speaking at this year’s event are no strangers to success. I’m not sure if … Read more

How to Grow Strawberries Hydroponically

Is strawberry your favorite berry? Do you desire to grow it from the comfort of your home? Well, growing strawberries via a hydroponics system can be a new, fun, clean and efficient way to cultivate them. And, why not? Hydroponics strawberries are just as juicy and flavorful as soil-grown ones. Besides, they permit you to … Read more

How to identify healthy roots in hydroponics?

Do you know what functions roots perform? Well, they help with the uptake of nutrients and water, store the manufactured materials, and provide physical support to the plants above ground. In short, healthy roots and hydroponics go together. We as humans are infamous for trusting the eyes. And we as gardeners also tend to do … Read more

Hydroponics Farming in India – Rise Hydroponics

If you follow the news these days, you will notice how every channel highlights the impending danger of climate change. And, we all know that this disaster was always in store given the ever-deteriorating state of fossil fuels, clean air, water, and other resources. But, hydroponics is one of the ways to maximize the usability … Read more

Grow bags VS Dutch Bucket

Hi, all gardeners out there! Are you all set to try hydroponic farming at home? Well, this blog can help you gather great information on both grow bags and Dutch Buckets. Both these items are popular for growing plants in a hydroponics setup. Both of them are reusable, versatile, and affordable. You can use them … Read more